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Of the Geneva Conventions, “Torture Bans,” and Murdered Soldiers: People on both sides of the aisle need to open their eyes (June 11, 2007, The American Spectator)
Simply showing terrorists more goodwill is a means of emboldening them, not of pacifying them; restricting our actions and operations will not cause them to reciprocate, but to increase theirs even more.
Azzam Speaks Out: Al Qaeda’s Jewish-American spokesman says Iraq pullout will do nothing to stop attacks (June 7, 2007)
“Azzam the American,” the face of al Qaeda to the West (and the former Adam Yehiye Gadahn, of Orange County, CA), released a new video last week in which he listed AQ’s “Legitimate demands” for the United States and the Bush Administration.
Robert J. Dixon: Ordinary Soldier, American Hero (May 28, 2007, American Thinker)
Robert J. Dixon won’t be receiving the Medal of Honor. He didn’t go down in a hail of bullets, saving the lives of multiple soldiers and civilians in the process. Don't let this lack of glamour cause you to think that he was any less of a hero - Dixon simply did what was asked of him, and what he wanted to do; something which happened to be putting his life on the line for an ideal, and operating under conditions so dangerous and so intense that to do so one must have an inner heroism which most will never understand.
The Lost Heroes of the War on Terror (May 25, 2007, National Review Online)
Four exceptional warriors whose names and deeds every American should know. Their actions in making the ultimate sacrifice for their mission and for their fellow men did not make them heroes - it simply demonstrated what heroes they were all along.
The Secret Immigration Legislation: A Case of Misplaced Priorities and Mistaken Judgment (May 22, 2007, American Thinker)
This affair paints a very distressing picture of where some key individuals’ priorities really lie. Regrettably, these priorities apparently do not include taking any steps toward supplying the young men and women who are risking their lives in the War on Terror, nor are they in tune with the spirit of our Republic, which demands open, honest, and accountable government, regardless of the subject of the legislation in question.
The Great Immigration Ruse: How can the Senate vote on a Bill which has not yet been Written? (May 18, 2007, The American Spectator)
Amidst the rush to support or condemn the comprehensive immigration reform bill, one aspect of this issue was entirely overlooked: at the time in question, there was still no actual bill.
The True Meaning of Heroism, Part IV (May 13, 2007)
Underscoring the Danger: Bidding Farewell to a Man who was There for all the Right Reasons (May 13, 2007)

Why They Fight: American Troops Don't Want to Abandon the Iraqi People
(May 13, 2007, The Weekly Standard online)

Iraq the Model? Winning Hearts and Minds in Abu Dischir
(May 7, 2007)

A Tale of Two Boroughs: On Patrol with a Modern Day Band of Brothers (May 6, 2007, The Weekly Standard online)

American Soldiers are Winning Over Journalists - One Heart, Mind, and Life at a Time (April 26, 2007, Wall Street Journal)

One Morning in April: Unspeakable Tragedy Strikes an American University (April 18, 2007)

The New "Soldiers of Surrender": Why the Case of the British Sailors was so Appalling (April 12, 2007; Human Events)

Bringing a Different Perspective to Iraq War Reporting (April 6, 2007; Human Events)

Why We're Going to Iraq (March 31, 2007; Human Events, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Leverage or Aggression? Iran's Latest Move Against the West is a Case of Them Doing Exactly What They Said They Would (March 27, 2007; Human Events)

The Rug Has Been Pulled Out from Under the President's Ability to Respond to Iran (March 24, 2007)

Four Years in Iraq: 3,200 Dead, 26 Million Freed, and a Long Ways Yet to Go (March 20, 2007; Human Events)

Still in Search of Swiftboat Revenge
(March 12, 2007; Human Events,

The Bible in Public School: A Blending of "Church and State," or Just Another Useful Primary Source? (March 11, 2007; Human Events)

From Nifong to Murtha: Sacrificing Others' Lives for Political Gain a Hallmark of the Left
(March 2, 2007; Human Events,
People who wield such power that they have a legal say in others’ freedom – let alone in others’ lives and deaths – have an immense responsibility to exercise infinitely more wisdom, judgment, conscience, patience, reason, and moderation in the exercising of that power than the normal man
Can Government Legislate "Intellectual Diversity" – Without Becoming the Thought Police? (March 1, 2007;

Is the New Iraq Strategy Working?
(Feb 26, 2007; Human Events)

On the Conviction of the "Pendleton 8": A Few Bad Apples in an Otherwise Ripe Barrel (Feb 23, 2007; Human Events)

The Assault on the Grunts: Democrats may be Swinging at Bush, but they're Hitting our Troops in the Gut (Feb 15, 2007; Human Events)

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