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Column Archives (page 3)

How to Respond to a New Nuclear Neighbor (Who Wants What You Have)? (Jan 28, 2007)

A Reminder from Al Qaeda that Iraq Still Matters: Success in Iraq is Vital to America's National Security (Jan 23, 2007; Human Events,

Breaking Down "Weapons of Mass Destruction": Threat Differentials and the Necessary Foci of Nonproliferation Strategy (January 18, 2007; Academic Paper)

Capturing Iranian combatants in Iraq: A Very Good Part of the President's New Strategy (January 14, 2007; Human Events,

President's Address, Plan Short on both Bark and Bite (January 14, 2007; Athens Banner-Herald)

"Caesar: Life of a Colossus": Welcome to the Complete Julius Caesar -- and to the End of the Roman Republic (January 14, 2007;

African-American Leaders Slow to Warm Up to Obama
(January 14, 2007;

The End of Saddam: Not with a Bang, but a Whimper
(December 31, 2006;

Honorable Americans, Every One
(December 28, 2006; The Washington Times)

The True Meaning of Heroism, Part III (December 27, 2006;

The True Meaning of Heroism, Part II (December 25, 2006;

The New York Times Has the Scoop: The US is Actually Detaining the Enemy in Iraq (December 25, 2006)

Haditha, Revisited: Charges Filed Against Eight Marines (December 25, 2006; Athens Banner-Herald)

A 'Person of the Year' Retrospective, and TIME's 2006 Cop-Out (December 20, 2006;

Christian Fraternity Lawsuit: American Higher Education Once Again Attempts to Twist Logic into a Multicultural, Politically-Correct Knot (December 9, 2006;

A Rough Start for Robert Gates (December 6, 2006; Athens Banner-Herald)

The Iraq Study Group prepares to make its recommendations (December 1, 2006; Athens Banner-Herald)

Abracadabra: "The Prestige" brings real magic to the big screen (November 25, 2006; The Critical)

An Open Letter to the President, Regarding Iraq (November 25, 2006;

Donald Rumsfeld: Effective Leader, Loyal Ally (November 16, 2006; Athens Banner-Herald)

The Good News From Election Night: One State Withstands the National Blue Wave
(November 14, 2006;

The True Meaning of Heroism (November 10, 2006;

A tale of two elections: National, State Results Show a Divergence of Opinion
(November 10, 2006; Athens Banner-Herald)

The NYT on the Iraqi nuclear program: The Left wants to be able to have their yellowcake and eat it too (November 3, 2006;

"Stuck in Iraq": John Kerry's Take on Servicemembers is Part of the Leftist Canon (November 2, 2006; Athens Banner-Herald)

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