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Heading into the 2008 election and beyond, the GOP must lead on health care (Coming soon)

Sen. Ron Wyden leads bi(tri?)partisan group of 5 Ds, 6 Rs, 1 I in fighting for same old government-controlled health care (March 6, 2008)

American companies get stiffed while Hugo Chavez gets a tax break, courtesy of the US Congress (March 4, 2008)

Hillary Clinton favors employing wage theft to enforce "universal, voluntary" health care program (February 16, 2008)

San Francisco health care tax appealed to Supreme Court (February 15, 2008)

Will Washington state take Wisconsin's health care sloppy seconds? (February 7, 2008)

The Perils of a "Glamour Pick" for Public Office: Arnold Schwarzenegger apologizes for being a Republican (January 21, 2008; The American Spectator)

Not with a Bang, but a Whimper: The Fred Thompson for President campaign will forever be defined by the question "What might have been?" (January 19, 2008)

San Francisco "play or pay" mandate will negatively affect economy, health coverage for residents (January 7, 2008)

Michigan government's attempt to micromanage health insurance market will hurt quality and limit consumer choice (January 6, 2008)

After months of rhetoric, SCHIP expansion is scrapped entirely (December 26, 2007; Human Events)

If passed, bipartisan California health insurance plan will cause the state more problems than it will solve (December 19, 2007; Human Events)

Iraq's "Concerned Local Citizens" Program Grows into a Bona-Fide Phenomenon (December 17, 2007; Human Events)

"How many children will be dead" if Democrats don't stop using S-CHIP as a political football? (December 12, 2007)

Color me confused...and finding no fault with the Senate Minority Leader in this manufactured controversy (December 12, 2007)

Public opinion is shifting on Iraq – and it’s taking some Democrat politicians with it (December 4, 2007)

DePalma's "Redacted" the latest anti-military Hollywood propaganda that nobody will ever see (December 3, 2007; The American Spectator)

Habitat for the Homeless week: Is misrepresentation necessary to get college students on board with effective programs? (November 29, 2007; The American Spectator)

"Occupation" and a Lack of Defensible Borders: President Bush uses the stage at Annapolis to side with Israel’s enemies
(November 28, 2007; Human Events)

President Bush is preparing to give away the store this week at Annapolis in exchange for a chance at Legacy - and he's taking Israel along for the ride (November 27, 2007; The American Spectator)

"Two Americas" Edwards takes on Big (college) Media (October 31, 2007)

The SCHIP Wars: Democrats are fighting dirty, but are not winning in the process (October 29, 2007; The American Spectator)

It’s Legacy Time Again: George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice seek their own Palestinian peace plan, and bring Carter and Clinton along for the ride
(October 29, 2007; Human Events)

The Situation in Iraq is Complicated
(October 26, 2007; Human Events)

It’s time to lay off of Scott Thomas Beauchamp: Young men make mistakes, and deserves a chance to learn from his
(October 26, 2007)

With the Release of the Beauchamp Documents, TNR is Going Down by the Mast (October 25, 2007)

The Next Beauchamp? Iraq War Veteran Sending his Medals to Rumsfeld out of Protest (October 1, 2007; Human Events)

Military Success, Political Stalemate: Peace and Security are More Important than Democratic Government when Moving Forward in Iraq (September 25, 2007; The Jerusalem Post)

Iraqis Show Courage (September 17, 2007; The Washington Times)

Don't Abandon the Iraqis Now: The strategy to increase troop presence shouldn't be cut short (September 11, 2007; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

From "Within the Surge," the Situation is Complex and Fragile – but Hopeful (September 10, 2007; Human Events)

Southeast of Baghdad, the Surge is Working (September 4, 2007; The Washington Times)

Iraq is Just the First Step in Iran's Battle for Regional Hegemony -- and in their Pursuit of a Second Holocaust (August 31, 2007; American Thinker)

Maliki's 'Grand Compromise': Can the Grid of the Iraqi Government be Unlocked? (August 31, 2007; Human Events)

All Combat Zone Journalism is Not Created Equal: Katie Couric’s Impending Trip to Iraq Highlights the Difference Between Real Front-Line Reporting and Simply Going for an Exotic Byline (August 30, 2007; National Review Online)

Too Soon to Give Up: A Report From Iraq (August 29, 2007; American Thinker)

Another Iraqi ‘Awakening’?: In yet another region of Iraq, one tribe decides that it wants something better than what the insurgency has to offer
(August 27, 2007; The American Spectator)

When are we going to admit that Iran is at war with a sovereign Iraq - as well as with America? (August 22, 2007; Human Events)

Embedded Hostility: A Case of “Beauchamping” (August 10, 2007; National Review Online)
It is important for the public to learn that these tales of depravity and inhumanity turned out simply to be the exaggerations and fevered delusions of one troubled young man who, as the alleged incident in Kuwait shows, was in such a state long before he ever experienced the
horrors of war.

The Israel Paradox: A leader with a 9% approval rating seeks to give away the store – and the Parliament is squarely behind him (August 9, 2007; Human Events)
Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, whom few expected to make it through last year’s 33-day "war" in Lebanon, is continuing down the path that not only endangered Israel’s national security and led, in part, to that war in the first place, but that caused him to be looked at as a farce of a leader by over 90% of his own population.
So Long, Scott: The 'Baghdad Diarist' Leaves The New Republic and the Knee-Jerk Left Holding the Bag (August 8, 2007; American Thinker)
Already damaged by the Stephen Glass scandal, The New Republic has been left in an exorbitantly embarrassing position by another trusted writer (and the husband of one of its own researchers), who played them for fools, admitting under oath that his articles were fabrications at the same time that he was reasserting to their faces the veracity of his every word.
Big Red Tent: The online GOP's Next Big Thing? (August 8, 2007; Human Events)
Given its level of interactivity, community action, and ease of use, Big Red may have the potential to be that Next Big Thing that the online GOP community has been looking for.
The New Republic meets Dan Rather (and finds that they have a surprising amount in common) (August 3, 2007; The American Spectator)
The New Republic today published yet another editorial on the Scott Thomas Beauchamp situation and on their attempts to "re-report" his anecdotes with further investigation.
'Shock Troops' and Fabrications: The Baghdad Diarist is Revealed (July 27, 2007; Human Events)

The critical issue here is not the fact that Beauchamp is an actual American soldier, but what Beauchamp said -- whether his hyperbolic claims have any basis in fact at all -- and whether The New Republic actually did the legwork necessary to verify parts of his claims, let alone the whole stories.

Harry Potter and the End of the Road: A Decade Later, the Veil is Dropped on the Epic Series of Our Time (July 23, 2007; Human Events)
As the reader turns to page 759 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, they really will be able to say – through the tears of joy and of loss – that they “have stuck with Harry to the very end.”
Shocker in Georgia's 10th Congressional District: Paul Broun, Jr. turns Conventional Wisdom on its Head (July 20, 2007; Human Events)
Georgia’s 10th Congressional District was turned upside down this week, as a 9-to-1 frontrunner – and conventional wisdom – fell victim to the less predictable than originally thought will of the voting public.
Vets for Freedom Takes the Hill: Has the small contingent of Americans who still care about Victory finally found their voice? (July 18, 2007)
Thirty representatives of the thousands-strong advocacy group Vets for Freedom took Capitol Hill by storm, meeting with Senators and their representatives and making their case for continued support of General Petraeus and the American effort in Iraq.
Filling the Shoes of a Conservative Icon: Election Day in Georgia's Tenth Congressional District (July 17, 2007, The American Spectator)
Regardless of outcome, at the end of the day Georgia will have kept its 10th Congressional District Republican, and will have another vocal conservative on Capitol Hill. Anything more than that, as they say, would be a bonus.
A 'Surge' in Ignorance and Defeatism: Do Americans even care to know the facts about the war in Iraq? (July 16, 2007, The American Spectator)
Giving in and pulling out of Iraq is exactly what al Qaeda and our other enemies have demanded of us, and such a decision would bring nothing but harm, both to Iraq and, in the long run, to America.
An Utter Lack of Awareness: Two New Reports Show why the Fourteen British Sailors Abducted in March Never Should Have Been in that Position in the First Place (June 25, 2007, The American Spectator)
The question is not why the small group of British sailors acted as they did in their surrender and captivity, so much as it is why they were put in that position in the first place.
Political Points at any Cost: The Motto of the New Democrat Party (June 18, 2007)
If there is an illustration next to the word “gall” in the dictionary, the picture may very well be of the Congressional Democrat leadership, led (less than ably) by Harry Reid (with Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha close behind).

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