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The week in review


A friend just returned from a week's vacation with no television or internet (how nice!) and asked what he missed in terms of important topics of discussion -- so, I encapsulated the week below (you can tell my priorities by what topics I found newsworthy out of the plethora presented by the media last week).

(1) The NYT hacked off the world, including Ds and Is who read them, with their pathetic, unsourced McCain hit job. Their ombudsman (whom nobody listens to anyway, of course) beat them abut the head, neck, chest, shoulders, and arms with a stick for it, but the masthead still doesn't "get" why nobody's following their pointed finger to McC, and is looking at them instead.

(2) In Iraq, Sadr stuck his finger in the air, saw that the wind was blowing in the direction of less Shi'a violence in that country, and declared postemptively that there would be "six more months of truce" by his nonexistent army. Great job of directing already-moving traffic along its already-chosen path there, as has become the norm for the erstwhile would-be mullah.

(3) Castro's dead, and has been for months (opinion there). Barack Obama said in the Thurs debate in Austin that now was the time to normalize relations with Cuba; Hillary said she wants to see proof of change (but didn't use that opportunity to whack Obama in the face with the fact that his "change" mentality apparently ends at the water's edge). As far as Castro goes, though, this is just the next step in phasing him out. Michael Moore tried really hard to bring him to the Oscars as his guest of honor, but the Cuban regime didn't want a Weekend at Bernie's scenario there (and apparently FC lacks the number of doubles that Saddam had), so the Fatso had to go it alone. Oh, and MM is withholding his HUGE endorsement of a Democrat Prez. candidate until one of them makes their health care plan more like Cuba's (I assume that would include executions and imprisonments for unhealthy activities --- MM, Rob Reiner, and others excepted due to (*cough*) stature.

(4) The rest of the week has been Obamenevitablilty debates; some think he is, some that he isn't, but it's always fun and never, ever tense or heated :-)

That's all, and now you're caught up on the week ending Sunday night!



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