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Washington Republicans need to come out from under their rocks and get involved

February 13, 2008

Republican Dino Rossi lost the Washington state governor's race to Democrat Christine Gregoire in 2004 by 129 votes -- a difference found on the third counting, after Rossi led through the initial vote count and through the first recount. Following that shady, by-hand third recount, Rossi declined to act like a Democrat and didn't appeal the result the state Supreme Court, instead allowing the state to move forward, and setting his sights on a rematch in 2008.

Well, 2008 is here, and Gregoire leads Rossi in fundraising by a 2-to-1 margin. If Washington Republicans are fine with another Gregoire term, then by all means, they should remain content to sit on their hands and not help Rossi in his bid to unseat her.

But if folks in what is (in my opinion) the greatest state in this country actually care about moving their state in the right direction, they need to get off their backsides and help Dino Rossi make up those votes and get elected governor of the Evergreen state.

He can win it, but not on his own.

Update: Columnist Joel Connelly has a decent analysis of the race in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


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At 12:59 AM, Blogger Paul said...

What the...? Is Rossi running a Thompson campaign? Or a Giulliani? I hope he gets motivated and active, and quickly. As a resident who arrived right after the last election debacle, it is hard to know what Rossi is about, and the financial irresponsibility of the current government is appalling, so I hope we have a choice. But till I see who Rossi is, I won't be sending money to him. I am looking for some positive passion and a dose of inspiration from the right would be novel too!!


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