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"This is how a minority saves FISA"

February 14, 2008

Update: Just moments ago Just before 2 this afternoon, Republican Representatives walked off of the House floor in response to the Democrats' refusal to pass (or even debate) the bipartisan, Senate-passed FISA legislation.

"Meanwhile," according to a source close to the House GOP, "the Democrats are debating the merits of former White House staff."


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From the venerable RS Insider, on the House's FISA floor war:
The next round.

It isn't flashy. It's floor procedure and a leadership team that is holding the votes together. This is how a minority saves FISA.

Yesterday, we prevented them from doing a short-term extension. Now they can either take up the bi-partisan, senate-passed FISA bill that protects America - or - they can let it expire and leave our people vulnerable. It's up to them.

In a news cycle driven by gossip and baseball, serious business that fundamentally effects our ability to fight the war is on the line and happening on the floor.
The House GOP is doing everything it can to make sure that a vital national security tool remains viable and in force. Though the nation as a whole appears to have long since settled back in to a pre-9/11 mindset, there is a very real war on terror that is very much ongoing at this moment, and will be into the foreseeable future.

Tying the hands of those who are charged with prosecuting this way, and with safeguarding our nation's security, simply for the purpose of scoring political points, not because a certain tactic is wrong or illegal (the wiretapping involved -- and the compliant telecom companies -- are neither), is something that cannot be allowed to stand.


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At 2:28 AM, Blogger Paul said...

One cannot help but wonder if the congress has any concern for the fact the public they serve hold THEM in contempt? Is it any wonder that Obama is becoming a cult hero? How can teh democrat representatives possibly consider themselves justified or rational in their inaction?


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