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Michelle Obama thinks you're worthless and stupid, thinks voting for her husband will be the only worthwhile thing you ever do.


"For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I Am Really Proud of My Country," said Michelle Obama, rich lawyer and wife of Barack Hussein (same last name), yesterday.

Excuse me? A female, African-American, Princeton-and-Harvard-educated attorney, who has achieved a great deal in her life, who lived through the Civil Rights revolution (and was the daughter of a Chicago city worker who really experienced those events), and who is married to an African-American man who is a U.S. Senator, has never been proud of her country before?

Putting that aside for a moment, what is it that we've suddenly done to -- finally -- make her proud now? Allow her husband to enter a primary that he hasn't even won yet?

Let me get this straight: a couple of ultra-successful, Ivy League-educated, wealthy, elitist liberals who have never been proud of their country want all of us little people to vote for them to be our PRESIDENT and FIRST LADY?

They want to represent a people, and govern a country, that has never, once, ever in their adult lives made them proud?


This utter lack of pride in their country or its people is ESPECIALLY damning in light of the amazing and praiseworthy work that President Bush has done for Africa during his terms as President -- especially given the fact that Obama still has family there (which seems a bit strange, given that he is so wealthy and, apparently, holy and powerful -- why is his grandmother still living in a hut in a desolate village on the Dark Continent when her son is this successful in America?).

Anyway, just shut up and vote for Barack so that his wife can finally appreciate something you stupid people in this country she is so forcibly made to endure living in have done.

Got it?


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At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't appreciate being told to "just shut up and vote for Barack" as if I have no brain and can't think for myself. Take some good advice and try to refrain from writing "shut up," "vote," and "you stupid people" in the same phrase.

Second, Michelle Obama didn't say that she'd never been proud of her country. She said that for the first time she was "really" proud of her country. In many ways, I feel exactly the same. I'm immensely proud of the way Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike are eschewing the media's incessant talk about race and gender and concentrating on real issues.

But third, an example of what not to be proud of is the fact that prejudice still lives on in this country as evidenced by the lightly veiled racism that comes across in blogs such as yours. You write as if Michelle Obama should be more proud than white folks that she was able to rise above her lowly African American status, that she should be exceedingly grateful to white folks who were unable to prevent her from living the American dream of freedom and education, etc. You can argue the point, but your references to Africa in this post and your reference to Obama as "Barack Hussein" in an earlier post are not suggestive of nonracist views.

I don't think you realize that you are out of touch with much of America, out of touch with a democracy that encourages freedom of speech, and out of touch with people who treat others with some semblance of respect.


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