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We can go to the WHAT?? (or: "A self-indictment of Mitt Romney's fitness to be President")


Yes, it's a McCain-for-President ad, but the Mitt Romney quote in the below video stands on its own, both as a statement of future policy and as a powerful indictment against Mitt Romney's fitness to hold the office of President of the United States:

If we need foreign policy experience, then we can go to...the State Department??

Yes, I understand that foreign policy, diplomacy, and international relations are (combined) the whole purpose for the State Department's existence. However, the DoS is also currently (and has been for the entirety of my memory) the one US government organization that has done more to inhibit the implementation of needed US foreign policy adjustments than any other.

Most recently, the DoS has seemingly redefined its mission to include undermining a Presidential administration which has been working feverishly to implement and execute a foreign policy which has, as its supreme goal, the protection of America and her interests.

The Department of State isn't a group or an organization that I personally would want my President touching with a 29 1/2 foot pole when it comes time to make decisions about US national security and real foreign policy.

The fact that Mitt Romney would make such a statement demonstrates, once again, his business approach to government -- and why that approach, while correct in many aspects, is not a correct one for a President to take toward the entirety of government (and of governing).

Much like using the marketing department for marketing within a business, or the sales department to conduct sales, Romney appears to take the different apparati of government, and their stated purposes, at face value. The business manager in Romney says, "if there's a governmental organization whose purpose is diplomacy and foreign policy, then that's who should be relied on to conduct business and advise the CEO in that area." This is a perfectly understandable view -- if the person making that statement is so removed from the reality of the DoS and its subversive exploits that he honestly takes their mission statement at face value, and thinks that they are (effectively) what they purport to be.

The fact that this is true in the case of Mitt Romney is a powerful indictment on his fitness to be President in a post-9/11 world.


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