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RedState Radio: New Hampshire primary edition


I joined and Glamour magazine political writer, and my good friend, Amanda Carpenter, and RedState's Ben Domenech last night as the New Hampshire results were rolling in to discuss that primary and its impact on the future of the race.

Discussed within:

Republican results and Democrat results

Patrick Ruffini on the Hillary comeback

Theories to explain polling vs. results

Maggie Williams joins Clinton campaign

You can hear the whole podcast here.

or listen here:

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At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Maxstake said...


Not to ignore the foreign threats and the need for us to be involved in Iraq, Europe, Asia, etc, there is however, two greater threats to America from within that seem to me to be far more dangerous and will make our involvement in the rest of the world mute.

I. The first threat dates from the 1920's and the attempt by the Socialists and Communist to take over America and Europe by bringing down those governments as part of the world wide Bolshevik Revolution. From Historians like Blair Coan and his book "The Red Web" we know that the Socialists and communists failure to achieve their goals through nation wide strikes, etc, met and assumed the name "Progressives" and formed their legal arm the "American Civil Liberties Union", the ACLU. They infiltrated both parties, but had their greatest success with the Democrat Party. Even though there was some move to defeat there efforts, they vary successfully hid their agenda and under their new party name "Progressives" managed to move into governments of all levels from local cities to the federal government.

With WWII and Hitler's attack on the USSR, suddenly Stalin becomes Uncle Joe and Communism is acceptable, even to the point that senior advisors to Presidents Roosevelt and Truman are Communists. Their strong influence at the federal level results in two vary serious mistakes. Giving Easter Europe to Russia and giving China to Mao. We now know that McCarthy was right, thanks to Authors like M. Stanton Evans and his book "Blacklisted by History". Some of the "New Names" of the 40's & 50's were "Americans for Progress", 'Progressive citizens of America", "The Progressive Party' and etc. While some of the the most obvious communists at State and in other departments were allowed to reassign, they did in fact stay in government and only moved to another department or to our UN Representation, and some few were convicted of Treason.

Today's Communists/Socialists no longer appear to take orders from Moscow and are now under the banner "Progressives" or "Secular Progressives" and have moved to turn America into a Communist/Socialist State. The Democratic party of Roosevelt and Kennedy has surrendered to these "Progressives/Secular Progressives". Note that Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Obama, Boxer, to name a few have said they are "Progressives" or "Secular Progressives" and the programs they support, speeches, etc are the same as those espoused by the Bolsheviks. Government owns everything, makes all decisions, provides all health care, what you can eat, what your children learn in school, etc, etc. I recommend that a look at Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson's Books regarding a 5th Column in America, Kenneth R. Timmerman's "Shadow Warriors", and John Bolton's "Surrender Is Not an Option". While these last two books do not specifically point out that the "Traitors" they write about are "Progressives/Secular Progressives", they do note the sabotage to at least the current administration, that these people are all so called "Democrats" and were appointed by Carter or Clinton, and are members of the "new" Democrat Party controlled by the "Progressives/Secular Progressives" and the likes of the ACLU, and

II. The Second threat is the Muslim Invasion of the U. S. and Europe. All Arabic and Persian Muslim Nations from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia are enemies of all Infidel Nations. Their desire to create a world wide "Caliphate" has been declared by Ben Laden and others. These people are not the poor, downtrodden, suppressed religious peoples who immigrated in the past. They are well educated, if not wealth at least well off and completely support the Wahhabi Mosques and teachings.

Some 25-30 years ago a huge Immigration of Islamic Muslims began to the U.S. They settled mostly in the major cities of the U.S. and were sponsored by the Saudi's for the most part. I quote from the World Tribune "Because this country does not "discriminate" in its Immigration Policy, we have several millions of Muslims in this country (the exact number is disputed but we can safely say there is at least 3 millions and others suggest it might be as high as 6 million)".

Beyond a doubt there is Fanatic Muslim 5th Columns operating in the United States today. The very fact that the 9/11 Suicide Bombers could operate effectively is proof. There is no way these men had the knowledge to travel, collect the necessary information and put their plan into effect with out the support of a 5th Column in place and operating throughout our country.

There are 2,000 Wahhabi Mosques in the United States, at each of these there is at least one Wahhabi Imam all primarily supported by Saudi Arabia and King Fahd himself (Note: the Saudi's are the primary support of Wahhabi Mosques in Europe and England as well). We know that the Wahhabi Mosques and Imams in the Islamic World, Europe, and England have been teaching the Koran Demand that all non-believers are less then human and to kill them is a good thing to do. Note: Even the "So Called" Moderate Muslims donate to the Mosques in support of Al Qaeda, Hamas, etc and their children must attend a "Madrasa" that teaches "Suicide Jihad".

To understand our own danger, we only need to take note of the aggressive Muslim moves in England giving Muslims Special consideration not given to any other religions. Such as the "Family courts" that may be usurped by a Muslim court and use "Sharia Law", that Ghettos of Muslims are segregated and off limits to non-Muslims and that in most European States the Judo/Christian populations will be overwhelmed by the growing Muslim "Birth rate" and immigration.

In our own country CAIR a Muslim Legal Arm like the Communist/Socialist ACLU uses U. S. Law to achieve similar special privileges. In the State of Washington a Ghetto of Muslims are seeking the right to substitute "Sharia Law" for U. S. law. In some of our schools with help from the "Progressive/Secular Progressives" they even teach two weeks of "understanding Muslims" where children in the 5-7th grades, dress like Muslims, take a Muslim Name and study the Koran. In a school in San Diego, CA again with the help of "Progressive" School Officials" at 1 pm every afternoon the classes shut down for a hour of Muslim Prayer and Study. This has since been discontinued but it is emblematic of the constant attempts to give Muslims special privileges.

It is my belief that the 5th Columns of Muslims and "Progressives/Secular Progressives" are allied in their war on our Judo Christian Democracy, America.

My Question is "Why are you aware of this threat, or don't consider it to be a threat". In either case I would appreciate your assessment.


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