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Michigan primary tailor-made for Romney to shine


Michigan's horrible economic situation should mean one thing for the Republican presidential race: if ever there was one, this is Mitt Romney's time to shine.

The Michigan GOP primary will almost be a referendum on the Democrat government and the abysmally failed economic policies of Gov. Granholm. With no Democrat race there, independents can turn out en masse and show what they think about the economic situation in their state by voting for the person who speaks to that issue the best. Romney's number one strength is business, and if he sticks to his Economy First talking points, then I think Michigan can have the potential to really be used as a barometer of (a) his candidacy's viability going forward, and (b) just how lost MI is to the acceptance of liberal policies and a failed economy as an unchangeable way of life.

Romney really can be the "candidate for change" in the Michigan primary. Between that fact, and his family roots there, there's no reason he shouldn't win it going away if he's still a viable candidate.


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