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This is one heck of a promise to be making


Listen to this amazing claim about Delaware SB 177, known as the "Single-Payer Health Security Act":
This Act will provide every Delaware citizen comprehensive health care coverage from conception until ones last breath is taken without a cent from out-of-pocket expense for extra health insurance, co-payments or deductibles.
Wow. That is quite a claim to be making, indeed. The quote above comes from an information sheet on the bill, written by a Dr. Floyd McDowell, who is apparently the "Act's contact resource Issue Area Facilitator.

Unfortunately, such a claim is fallacious at best. Now, I could go on and on here about how and why that's simply not possible; however, rather than spending time explaining why, I'm happy to send you over to the Delaware Libertarian, who has dug up some pretty good (well, not to proponents of SB 177) data on the topic, which demonstrate that "single-payer health plans DO NOT eliminate the need for out-of-pocket expenditures."

The Delaware Libertarian has done -- and, according to the above-linked post, will be doing -- a good deal of work to lay out the case "that the costs of this program will spiral out of control from the outset, while the quality of medical care available to our citizens takes a nose-dive." Click on over and check it out.

Oh, and while you're there, check out this post on how the "no money out of your pocket ever!" meme is made possible by the fact that money will instead be taken out of every Delawar(ian? ite?)'s paycheck to the tune of 2.5% to pay for the program.

The state government is probably banking on nobody noticing new taxes taken out before the great unwashed receive their paychecks. Sadly, they may be right.


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