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Ouch. Reality stings, doesn't it?


From Mark Kilmer's Sunday Morning Talk Show Review at RedState:

Ron Paul said that he has never voted for an earmark. Russert said that while this may be true, he's inserted them into bills. Ron Paul declared that the earmarks are a means of getting his constituents their money back from the federal government.
Can somebody hand me some binoculars? The goal poast seems to have relocated out of sight, and I need to see where it went.

Such duplicity -- which any who actually pay attention have known about for years -- likely won't hurt Paul's support among his most vocal backers, as those hippies liberals pinkos commies anti-Americans naive children anarchists lifelong Republicans who voted for Goldwater and Reagan generally seem to be in the tank for Paul because of his incredibly naive isolationist foreign policy views, which would fit much better in a world in which America had not yet been discovered, than in our current global society.


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