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More skeletons come tumbling out of the Huckster's closet


The Politico has a somewhat troubling report on Huckabee's apparent penchant for rewarding donors and gift-givers with appointed positions in his government:
Mike Huckabee accepted more than 90 gifts from 21 Arkansans he appointed to state posts during his decade as governor, a Politico analysis of state public records found.

Since setting his sights on the White House, those supporters, their families and their companies have kept on giving. They contributed nearly $161,000 to a pre-presidential campaign account and Huckabee's official campaign committee since late last year, according to state and federal campaign finance records.
Some executives just offer a night in the Lincoln bedroom in exchange for donations. Others apparently offer positions in government. It's okay, though...after all, it's not like you need qualified people in national-level appointed jobs.

I remain ever-curious how the venerated (by those who can't think for themselves) Joe Carter will explain this one away. Then again, after the way he threw his guy under the bus when trying to answer the last real question about Huckabee, perhaps it would simply be better for all involved if he simply kept his mouth shut and didn't respond.


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