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More on the Huckabee/Glen Green situation


My RedState colleague Alexham, an avowed Huckabee supporter (who ditched Fred and jumped on the Huckster's bandwagon -- coincidentally, I'm sure -- at the exact same time that his evangelical idol Joe Carter -- you know, the one who can't argue, debate, or abide any dissent, and whose forays into the comments at RedState have often resulted in his flinging insults and criticism about, apparently in the name of the God he so evangelically represents -- did the same), has this to say about the Glen Green situation:
Jeff, I am not so sure. Here are some important facts one of my Huckabee insiders claims were left out of the article in question:

(1) The Governor does not have the power to parole any prisoner. That responsibility lies with the parole board;

(2) The only action that Governor Huckabee took was to file a notice of intent to commute Glen Green's sentence;

(3) The commutation would have reduced Green's sentence to 181 years, 10 months, and 19 days; and

(4) After the 30-day public hearing period ended, Governor Huckabee decided against commuting Green's sentence.
In response to this, I think that those are very important distinctions and points of clarification. Assuming that those are accurate (I won't make any pretensions about knowing whether they are or not), this is something Huck had better get out in front of quickly, before possibly spurious charges such as these become widespread and widely known.

Stories as gruesome and emotional as this will grab people's attention and cause visceral reactions both toward the subject matter and toward the person blamed in the author's account; with a subject as serious as this, I'm honestly not sure that (again, assuming that Huck bears no blame here) even a presentation of the facts can salvage the image of the person implicated by the story, even if that implication is completely undeserved.


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