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Grab your machetes and meet me at the Capitol -- We're gonna do a little religion rioting!


At least, that's what those insightful cultural commentators on The View think American Christians would do -- a la Sudanese Muslim fanatics -- if a teddy bear in this country were named Jesus by elementary school students. As a commenter at Hot Air points out, "Mexicans call themselves Jesus all the time. Why isn’t The View freaked out about that?" (Note: "Mohammed" is, according to the Columbia Encyclopedia, "probably the most common given name" in the world, so apparently it's just stuffed animals and cartoons that can't share the placement and organization of alphabetical characters with religious leaders in the minds of crazed Muslims and mentally challenged talk show hostesses).

Thanks to Harvey at IMAO for shedding a little light (and a great deal of sarcastic humor, which is aimed squarely at The View's resident windbags) on the situation, as he presents images of nativity scenes (complete with pseudo-likenesses of baby Jesus) cast in the form of chickens, moose(s? or is it "meese"?), bears, dogs, cats, and mice, accompanied by the insightful question:
The broads at The View seem to think this post will make Christians flip out like crazed Sudanese Muslims.

Personally, I think it'll make 'em go "awwwww... how CUTE!"


"Uh... ok, that's kinda dumb."

for women and men respectively.

If I'm wrong, and fanatical Christians behead me, then posting may be light for the next few days.


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