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Can't a good, hard-working atheist even go to the movies any more without being subjected to Christianist propaganda?


From the "it could happen to anyone" category, Atheist parents who took their kids to see The Golden Compass this week thinking that they could have some good, clean atheist fun, were OUTRAGED that the preview for Prince Caspian -- the next installment in the growing movie franchise based on prominent Christian writer C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia book series -- was shown before the film.
Parents at a 12:50 showing of "The Golden Compass" in Fort Worth's Eastchase district were both shocked and appalled to find that the movie was preceded by a trailer for the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the novel "Prince Caspian", which some parents fear may cause their children to read a series that promotes spiritual belief and "denigrates Atheism."

"I just can't believe this," said Leah Jones, mother of three and proud atheist. "I can't believe that they would allow children to be exposed to this kind of thing without warning!
While [Don] Billohue [president and CEO of the Dallas Agnostic's Metroplex Native Enlightenment Delegation] said he's not concerned about the movie, [Prince Caspian] which he described as "fairly innocuous," he charges movie makers for engaging in a "deceitful, stealth campaign" to promote the book. "This is not about censorship," insists Billohue. "This is about the values we don't want our children being taught."
That's right -- a stealth campaign is being waged, by those Christianist TheoCons who secretly run America, to promote the Chronicles of Narnia, which presents "values" (you know, like morality, faith, perseverance, and other founding values of the post-BC era West in general, and of America in particular) these atheists "don't want [their] children being taught."

Don't those Christianist b*st*rds know that the Constitution clearly enshrines the right of Freedom From Religion for every person in America?!


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At 1:55 PM, Blogger Miss Ladybug said...

Pot, meet Kettle...

At 1:03 AM, Blogger Amber said...

Ignorance on either side, about the diffusion of ideas in a free society, is the only remarkable thing here.

The fact that people let themselves get offended over "exposure" to ideas instead of taking advantage of the mixture of ideas in a free society to openly discuss why they agree or disagree with certain ideas, even with their children, is a shame. Even the Catholic News Service came out with a movie review that said The Golden Compass was a great opportunity for families to talk about these ideas, which is the best and most just counter-offensive anyone can offer. Unfortunately, it was later pulled, but Google has a version saved here:

I think these people need to get a grip on what living in a "free society" means.


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