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A note of hope to the Bulldog Nation


My alma mater, the University of Georgia, might actually have a shot at a national championship this year. IF Oklahoma beats #1 Missouri (again) and 4-7 Pittsburgh can upset 10-1 West Virginia, the Dawgs could inherit the #2 spot in the BCS. They’d be competing against teams like 10-2 LSU, 10-2 Oklahoma, 11-1 Kansas, and others for the spot, but hey — it could happen!

Then again, Georgia didn’t even earn the right to play for its own conference title thanks to their pair of conference losses (I’m still not sure they even made the trip up to Knoxville this year, and wow what a bad South Carolina team that turned out to be), which would make it very difficult for voters to give them a chance to compete for a national title. Not making it to the SEC title game, though, could still be the best possible end to the season for UGA, as they are assured of a BCS bowl bid (Fiesta, Rose, or Orange, most likely), and they don’t have to play a very tough LSU team to get there.

The vast majority of UGA’s starters are underclassmen; along with Florida, they should be the preseason class of the SEC in 2008. Between that, and the fact that they’ll be in a BCS bowl this year even after their horrible start to the season, I don’t think any members of the Bulldawg nation should get too wrapped around the axle should WVU and Mizzou both lose this weekend, and UGA still get passed over for a spot in the champeenship game — the season ended wonderfully anyway.

By the way, if OU beats Mizzou again, and the national champeenship game is West Virginia against Ohio State, can anybody argue that the game’s winner — between the champions of two of the weakest conferences, who have no championship games of their own — will truly be the best team in the country?

Further, I think there’s a pretty good chance that the BCS championship game could be the lowest rated of all of the BCS games this year. That’s pretty sad.


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