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Iran goes after bloggers, including a very good friend

Members of the Iranian regime are going after bloggers, including America's Gateway Pundit, whom they call a " warmonger neo-con blog," for "anti-Iranian content."

Jim at Gateway Pundit has done yeoman's work staying on top of the Iranian theocracy's outrageous laws and actions, and this just shows how effective he's actually been. Regarding this, he says:

The Mullahs are on to me!

They probably didn't like it much when I wrote about them beating their women to a bloody pulp or jailing innocent students and union leaders... Oh well.
Well done, Jim -- may a fatwa against you be next! (Though as a friend, I wish that it may amount to nothing ;-)


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At 4:05 AM, Blogger BrianFH said...

Please 'splain "Ruh-Roh". Some kinda regionalistic insider slangy type stuff? Hmmm...

Maybe you need a Medal to be cast: "Enemy of the Mullahs of Iran". A hot fundraiser I betcha.


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