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Drudge may have pulled the Beauchamp story, but the phone transcript is real

Here's simply how I know that: In the list atop the first page, call participants are listed. Foer, Scoblic, Beauchamp, etc. are up there -- the obvious participants -- and then there's a Specialist (E-4, or low-ranking enlisted man) from FOB Falcon's 4th IBCT Public Affairs Office, a little no-name by the name of Ben Washburn.

I know Ben Washburn, from my embed with the 4th IBCT's 1-4 CAV out of FOB Falcon back in April/May of this year. Nobody who hasn't worked very closely with 4th IBCT's media folks, though, would know who he is -- especially since he's the 3rd or 4th lowest-ranking guy in the PAO shop, and you'd actually have to want to know who he is (especially with regard to first name, which I always ask when around military folks -- due to my informal nature and special ops background -- but which, as most familiar with the Army know, is not something that is usually shared or used).


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