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Calling in some special favors?

About 100 northeast Georgians met at Oconee High School last night to partake in an Old South tradition: a prayer service. What was the prayer service for? A friend, perhaps, lost before his time? Some other issue of personal grief and gravity?

Well, yes -- that is, if your personal happiness is tied to the amount of water falling from the sky at any given moment. The prayer meeting, you see, was a gathering of Bible-belters to pray for rain.

Do droughts happen? Sure. But this prayer service couldn't be allowed to go by without some good, old-fashioned self-flagellation. Said Rev. Marianne Turner of Oconee County's Friendship Presbyterian Church, ""The drought is certainly not God's punishment. It is simply a result of natural weather patterns and human intervention."

To make up for that, the group called on some intervention a little higher than the human kind. Did it work? Well, only time will tell; all I know is that I woke up to a pretty blue sky this morning, with no hint of rainclouds anywhere.

Then again, so did the folks in Genesis the day before the deluge... ;-)


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