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Andrew Sullivan censors Ron Paul supporters, lies to them about it

At RedState, we were 100% honest and straightforward about our new policy regarding Ron Paul spammers. It's our site, it's private property, and it's a user-driven community, which means that its functionality is largely dependent on our users playing well with others (which is a large part of why we have the Posting Rules linked at the top of the page, and why we reserve the right to ban folks who come here for the sole purpose of spamming or causing trouble).

After the story of our "ban on Ron Paul supporters" (a misnomer) was taken to the press (without our being consulted about the facts or the details), several stories came out about the policy, and they were, of course, run with by members of the leftosphere and the fake-rightosphere. Included in the latter was fake-conservative (and strikingly detached from reality) Andrew Sullivan, who said:
I don’t think I qualify as a Neo-Nazi or a Code Pink activist. Full Wired story here. But here’s a simple message to Ron Paul supporters. You’re welcome here. The Dish believes in expanding the range of debate among conservatives, not crushing it. And any cursory look at the degenerate state of American conservatism would not lead you to think your problem is too much diversity of opinion.
Need some evidence that Sullivan, whose IQ has apparently deteriorated to a number lower than the aggregate total of letters in his last name, is both detached from reality and 100% not interested in "welcoming" the MoRon wing of the political spectrum to his site?

As usual, he does not have comments enabled, either on that post or on any other. Now, Sully can, of course, feel free to come here, where we have open comments, and explain exactly how it is that having a site that nobody can comment on serves to "[expand] the range of debate among" anybody -- as well as how there is any "diversity of opinion" there, save for counting himself and his opinion multiple times (something which I wouldn't put past him).

You see what you're doing, Sully? You're censoring Ron Paul's supporters. They can't post anything at all on your site -- you are clearly violating their right to freedom of speech.

Oh, and by the way, "the degenerate state of American conservatism"? What's degenerate, friend, is fake-conservative, censoring liars like yourself.

But hey, don't worry -- nobody can tell you that to your online face. After all, comments are disabled at your site.

(h/t The Pirate's Cove)


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