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McCain in rare form [Updated with video]


John McCain is in rare form in tonight's debate and, in my opinion, has already offered the line/response/smackdown of the evening.

In response to the question of how he would beat Hillary (and why that would be important), McCain pointed out the junior Senator from New York's attempt earlier this week at a seven-figure earmark for a museum to commemorate the Woodstock festival of 1966. Setting his answer up with the quip that the festival must have been quite the historical and pharmaceutical event, the Senator proceeded to hit the answer out of the ballpark with his next line, saying that he, unfortunately, wasn't there to see what an experience Woodstock really was, as he was "tied up at the time" (literally).

Here's the video:

He also reiterated one of my favorite lines (with regard to Iraq): "I'd rather lose a campaign than lose a war." While he may well lose this campaign, his steadfastness on Iraq and the GWOT has been more than admirable, and has earned my respect more than any other position he could have taken.


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