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What the heck is wrong with Fred?

I've got no problem with Fred Thompson, the most recent entrant into the 2008 Republican Presidential sweepstakes contest. Well, let me take that back a bit -- I thought his entering would be a super-duper-cool April. Forty announcements about announcements about press conferences about announcements about maybe thinking about talking about perhaps announcing that he might entertain notions about entering the Presidential race later, I'm actually pretty darn sick of the guy and his jerking chain.

Combine that with a member of his staff leaking to myself and another RedState colleague that he would be announcing the Friday before Labor Day (information that I posted on Red State and that the Drudge Report linked to -- and that turned out to not be completely correct), and I'm actually more against him than I ever thought that I would be. Rather than entering in my top tier of candidates (alongside Rudy Giuliani, and closely followed by John McCain, the 100%-typical-politician known as Mitt, and Mike Huckabee, whose debate performances have earned him my interest despite his ambiguous position on the GWOT and his love for the nanny state -- and despite the fact that he should be running for Arkansas Senate instead of for the Presidency, which he will never realistically sniff), Fred now has to work harder than every candidate except for Ron "The President is bringing the UN to America to place us all under foreign martial law" Paul to earn my even thinking about voting for him. He's probably not the second-worst candidate, but hey -- that's politics, and them's the breaks.

Back to the point of this post: over at RedState, my good friend "haystack" has posted the video of Fred's first (of hopefully many) responses to questions solicited from bloggers. The question in this case is about immigration, but that's not the point here either.

The point is, look at this screencap from the video (it's the still shot that is displayed until the video is cued up):

Does Fred look like somebody you would expect to be voting for in a Presidential election -- or a 120 year old cancer patient?

If you said the latter, then you're tracking with me on this one. He just looks awful here -- AWFUL. That's not good, whatever he says in this video.


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At 10:23 PM, Blogger Beth said...

It's awful to laugh at a comment like that: "Does Fred look like somebody you would expect to be voting for in a Presidential election -- or a 120 year old cancer patient? but I couldn't help it."

I have been on Free Republic today and the love fest over Fred Thompson is so sickening that I think I just may regurgitate my lunch.

Watch this video. The poor guy. I think he means well, and he's got salesmanship down. He affirms the questioner by repeating her question in various ways. Then he also affirms that there is a problem -- a BIG problem!

Problem is, he never commits to a solution.

This is a pattern with Fred Thompson.

He's a good salesman, no doubt about it.

People talk about Mitt Romney being a used car salesman, but Fred Thomson has one up on him, maybe two.

He just constantly repeats what the person says and then affirms there's a problem.

He never talks about the solution.

Salesman material? Absolutely!

Presidential material? I don't think so.


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