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What makes Mitt Romney special -- or is he any different from any other dime-a-dozen politician?

My friend Alex Kowalski posted a defense of Mitt Romney over at RedState, calling him "the best candidate" and offering six reasons to back up that assertion.

With all due respect to him, I have to say that I agree with One and 1/2 items on that entire list -- the part about having money and being willing to spend it, and having been governor of a wealthy state. That's about it.

I don't have a dog in this fight -- still -- but I frankly don't see a single one of those things you see in Mitt. He strikes me (with no effort at all) as a simple, shallow, cardboard cut-out caricature of a dime-a-dozen politician, with not one single redeeming value, quality, presence, or tangible attribute that sets him apart in the least from any other simple, shallow, cardboard cut-out caricature of a dime-a-dozen politician who has run for any office round these parts at any time in recent history.

I see nothing whatsoever that would get me motivated, excited, supportive, or even cause the thought to enter my head that he is even one iota different from any other politician, at any time, at any place, ever -- no spark, no original idea, no strength of conviction, nothing beyond the blandness of the same-old, same-old stereotypical office-seeking American.

Am I wrong? If so, why?


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At 12:30 PM, Anonymous mitt fan said...

Maybe reading the first part of this article - about how Romney closed down his firm to look for a colleague's daughter - will help you decide:

At 12:07 AM, Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

I'm the same way. For a long time I just couldn't see anything special about Romney. Then somehow I managed to see more than I had previously seen.

Here's a very interesting article:

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my brothers worked with Mitt at Bain & Co. To know something about Mitt's attributes you would have to know something about the high stakes world of venture capitol. Basically, you take your own money and invest it in a company or an idea for a piece of the action. During my brother's tenure at Bain they brought nutrasweet and rogain to the market to name just two products you might be familiar with. They made a bundle. You must be able to analyze diverse products/companies/markets, you must be willing to make a decision and, the risk is all yours. I would take those qualities any day over a career political hack.

Just my two cents.


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