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THE WEEK Magazine features yours truly vs. an exceptionally insipid (I know, I know) Andrew Sullivan

Charles Krauthammer, Howard Kurtz, and I (among others) were quoted in THE WEEK Magazine's "Scandal of the Week" segment this last issue. The topic? Beauchamp.

Of course, Andrew Sullivan was quoted right there with TNR's still-dug-in editorial staff, making the absurd statement (as only he can do) that, rather than refuting the Beauchamp fairy tales, the "right wing echo chamber" should "acknowledge the undeniable cases of torture and abuse by U.S. soldiers" like "the Marine massacre of 24 civilians in Haditha."

Never mind that the charges -- trumped up and inflated by instigators like Sully himself -- have been dropped left and right against the Haditha Marines. And never mind that none of those issues is the point here. As is Sully's wont, the facts are far less important than his need to dig in against the hated military and the despised "right wing."

The argument here is as inane and insipid as a Republican responding to insults of Alberto Gonzalez with the refrain, "why don't you acknowledge that Janet Reno was a man?" The lack of intellect required to make such a rebuttal is beyond juvenile, and must make one wonder why it was that any ever considered Sullivan the least bit intellectual in the past. Ever.

Of course, when you don't allow comments on your own site, you can sound as stupid as you like and be perfectly insulated within your very own one-man echo chamber. How is it in there, Sully?


Never mind.


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