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Imagine if the American people actually SUPPORTED the troops

It's a pleasant fiction, isn't it?

What does it say about an element of our society when this amazing sequence of images...

....posted on Memorial Day is immediately met by this comment:
That does not look to me to be an authentic fighting man of United States military. Where is his insignia? What type of weapon is that he is carrying? His cammo pattern appears something less than genuine issue. And, I’m not expert, but his boots do not apear to be G.I. –I think this guy could be a washed up police man who just got himself a life long job working for Halibuton. Can this man’s connection to The US Military be verified?
Yes, Virginia, it is "an authentic fighting man of United States military." He is in the 82nd Airborne, his insignia is right there on his sleeve, the "camo pattern" is, in fact, "genuine issue" ACU, and the boots are the same as just about everybody else's. Good to know that what you see when you look at a picture like this, though, isn't heroism or a recognition that, rather than running away from the off-camera car bomb going off at the moment, the little boy in the picture immediately ran behind an American soldier, seeing him as the greatest source of protection in the area.

No, what you see is "a washed up police man who just got himself a life long job working for Halibuton" [sic]. That is sick.

Below, I've diagrammed the first photograph, just to help anybody who may be having similar problems.

Click image to see full-size version.
Does that help a bit? If there are still any ambiguities or points of contention, please feel free to drop them in the comments.


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