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Black Hawk Down (part II)

Imagine, if you will, how amazing it would be if a Hollywood big shot or two would do this:
When Jerry Bruckheimer met with Gen. John M. Keane at the Pentagon, the Hollywood film producer told the Army vice chief of staff he planned to make a movie about the Army's 1993 battle in Mogadishu, Somalia.

At the Jan. 15 premiere here of "Black Hawk Down," Keane recalled: "He came into my office and said, 'General, I'm going to make a movie that you and your Army will be proud of.' He did that, so we thank him for it."
But wait -- there's more.
Bruckheimer...said he chose to make "Black Hawk Down" to "set the record straight" and to change an impression created by the press.

"This was a very heroic mission for these young men," he said. "They don't set policy, they enforce it. They went in there and did an amazing job.

"I read Mark's book before it was published back in 1997 and thought it was an extraordinary tale of courage and bravery and heroism about these young men who fought so valiantly," he said. "The press labeled it a debacle. We wanted to set the record straight."
Thanks, Jerry. Care to carry some of that love of truth and heroism over to the Iraq war? We'd appreciate it greatly.

Here's a place you can start.


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