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From Iraq: Finally embedding with the warfighters!!

After what seemed like days of waiting (though it was just over 36 hours), I finally learned tonight that I've gotten an embed slot with the 1-4 Cavalry of the 1st Infantry Division. I'll fly out sometime tomorrow via helicopter and join up with the unit for a week of living, eating, sleeping, and operating alongside these combat troops. To say I'm ecstatic - and am looking forward to it - would be a vast understatement.

Army Spec. Wyatt Harper, from Fort MacPherson in my own state of Georgia, was a real trooper throughout this effort, putting up with my incessant requests and reminders and getting fast results when it seemed that such an assignment would not even be possible, let alone timely.

So, at some point tomorrow, Victoria and I will again part ways. She will bring you some of the best that Baghdad, MNF-I, and perhaps other people and locales have to offer, while I am stuck with a low-echelon unit, living in the dirt and getting a front-row view to our troops' prosecution of this war.

I'd take the latter any day.

Depending on internet uplink availability, I plan to have some (hopefully) quality exculsive combat video and photography for you in the next few days, as well as write-ups as regularly as I can do them.

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At 12:20 PM, Blogger Doug said...

Great (if sad, re: ROE's) report on Laura Ingraham Show!
Restrictions and impositions on our troops/efforts brought tears.
Thanks, and take care.



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