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Heading to Iraq!

Heading to Iraq!

Eagle Publishing, the parent company of two of the publications for which I write -- and Human Events newsmagazine -- has reached an agreement with the Department of Defense on a long-anticipated plan to send myself and a colleague on a two-week trip to Baghdad, Iraq, in which we will be embedding with troops in the field and filing reports about the situation on the ground at this point, four years into the conflict.

Needless to say, I am extremely excited about this rare and amazing opportunity to return to a country in which I last set foot nearly four years ago (as an active duty military member), to get a first-hand look at the progress there, and to get the real story on developments in-country, straight from the source.

The plan at this point involves leaving toward the end of April, and spending a bit of time among the troops in Kuwait before heading into Iraq for a week and a half. Exclusive reports and other informational tidbits will be posted at, so feel free to check in there to follow our progress, read eyewitness accounts, and to participate in this great experience via that online community.

More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available. To find out more, check in at or here, or send me an email.

Thanks to all of you for your interest and support. I am looking forward to this experience immensely, as well as the opportunity to share it with all of you.


Jeff Emanuel

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