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I have a dream...of a time machine?

Hillary's vision for America requires some serious sci-fi technology.


Junior Senator from New York Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2008 Democrat presidential hopeful and self-styled "smartest woman alive," began earlier this year to lay the groundwork for her campaign platform with the reprint in several left-leaning newspapers of a speech she originally gave in July 2005, in which she revised Dr. Martin Luther King's legendary "I have a dream" speech to depict her own hopes for the America of the year 2020.

In the column, Ms. Clinton says she believes that, "we are here to leave our children a richer, safer, smarter and stronger land than the one we inherited from our parents, and that tomorrow can be better than today if we work together seeking common ground, standing on common values and moving forward." To this end, she seeks to present her "own portrait of the American dream." The catch? Apparently it cannot be seen without some serious sci-fi technology, as, "to do so, we have to take a time machine into the future, to July 25, 2020."

"Ohio is back in the Democrat column," she begins, "as it should be." Wow -- powerful stuff, there.

Clinton continues, "In 2020, we also see that our universal, voluntary national-service program includes civil-defense workers who supplement our brave first-responders and share the burden of vigilance at home. " No word yet on just how Ms. Clinton is able to make her national-service program both universal and voluntary, as obviously a universal program includes all and is thus not voluntary; likewise, a voluntary program will always be far short of universal. However, as the junior Senator from New York has apparently recently mastered time travel, we suppose that she cannot be assumed to be incapable of any impossibility.

"We've also made progress undermining the evil ideology of terrorism...and the world is united. It is not us against them; it is all of us together furthering our mission of eliminating terrorists and making them seek out the dark, dark places left in the world where we finally finish them off." Strong words from the leader who has repeatedly said that the President was remiss in his inclusion of other nations in dealing with the rogue semi-nuclear state of Iran. Also, with many of her colleagues complaining that we've created a "magnet for international terrorists" in Iraq, bringing them streaming in from all over the world, it would appear that we have nearly achieved that stated goal of hers. As evidenced by the intercepted communications of the late Abu-Musab Al-Zarqawi, and other terrorist leaders in Iraq, that rapidly democratizing country has become an example of such a "dark, dark the world" where we are working to "finally finish them off."

Of course, Ms. Clinton has more to say -- when does she not? -- still speaking of the year 2020. "We've again shown the world that the core values that really undergird free societies like ours — freedom of religion, freedom of dissent, and so much else enshrined in our Constitution — are being extended to people around the world, including girls and women." In other words, one of the US's great achievements in Afghanistan, as our deposing of the Taliban resulted in the freeing of millions of women from the Wahabbi Islamist oppression of Sharia law and enabling them to be free to live their lives. Chalk one up for Ms. Clinton here, although this goal of hers was achieved long before her trip to the future (and in spite of her shrill opposition).

She continues ad nauseum in this seemingly endless column, including such platitudes as, "we can support a woman's right to choose that makes abortion safe, legal and rare, and reduces the number of abortions," and "we can have faith and religion in our lives without using religion to divide Americans." Socialized medicine, as is normal with Ms. Clinton, is thrown in there as well, along with endless other tepid-at-best ideas. None of them, of course, include a means to achieving them, nor do they have a single thought on how to pay for these so-called "reforms."

Of course, as the opposition party has repeatedly pointed out over the past five years, their responsibility is not to give an alternative view, or a means of achieving that view -- it is only to oppose whatever the popularly-elected Republican leaders of this great nation propose, regardless of their opposition's potential detriment to American society, and to the lives of its people.

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